This is my first Ironsworn: Starforged solo-rpg game - as such there’s lots of mistakes early on - like using the wrong Moves or Oracles and not realising resisting suffer moves was a thing.

Spelling and grammar mistakes will be ongoing.

I feel I should apologise to Matt Risby whose The Bad Spot Starforged series greatly influenced the adventures of Mongoose (not on purpose!)

I like sci-fi, and space-ships, and role-playing games. These are my session notes.


  1. Cataclysm

    Interdimensional entities invaded our reality
    Without warning, these implacable and enigmatic beings ravaged our homeworlds. We could not stand against them. With the last of our defences destroyed, our hope gone, we cast our fate to the Forge. Here, we can hide. Survive. These entities took the form of corrupting biological scourges.

  2. Exodus

    A ragtag fleet of ships—propelled at tremendous speeds by experimental FTL drives—carried our ancestors to the Forge. But the technology that powered the ships is said to be the source of the Sundering, a fracturing of reality which plagues us here today.
    The experimental drives used by the Exodus fleet are forbidden, but the damage is done. The Sundering spreads across our reality like cracks on the surface of an icy pond. Those fissures unleash even more perilous realities upon our own. Did we flee one cataclysm, only to inadvertently create another?

  3. Communities

    Dangers abound, but there is safety in numbers. Many ships and settlements are united under the banner of one of the Founder Clans.
    We have a tentative foothold in this galaxy. Each of the five Founder Clans honour the name and legacy of a leader who guided their people in the chaotic time after the Exodus. Vast reaches of the settled domains are claimed by the clans, and territorial skirmishes are common.

  4. Iron

    Vows made on tokens of Black Iron - found on the first worlds in the Forge

  5. Laws

    Laws and governance vary across settled domains, but bounty hunters are given wide latitude to pursue their contracts. Their authority is almost universally recognised and supersedes local laws.

  6. Religion

    Our faith is as diverse as our people.

  7. Magic

    Magic does not exist.

  8. Communication and Data

    Information is life. We rely on spaceborne couriers to transport messages and data across the vast distances between settlements.

  9. Medicine

    To help offset a scarcity of medical supplies and knowledge, the resourceful technicians we call riggers create basic organ and limb replacements.

  10. Artificial Intelligence

    The vestiges of advanced machine intelligence are coveted and wielded by those in power.

  11. War

    Professional soldiers defend or expand the holdings of those who are able to pay. The rest of us are on our own.

  12. Lifeforms

    This is a perilous and often inhospitable galaxy, but life finds a way.

  13. Precursors

    Over eons, a vast number of civilizations rose and fell within the Forge. Today, the folk we call grubs - scavenger crews and audacious explorers - delve into the mysterious monuments and ruins of those ancient beings.

  14. Horrors

    Put enough alcohol in a spacer, and they’ll tell you stories of ghost ships crewed by the vengeful dead. It’s nonsense.

Creating a Character

Halia Frost - Mongoose

  • Halia is from a wandering band of grubs. Her parents are retired, after an accident left Halia’s mum badly injured (she makes do with cybernetics now).
  • She abandoned her grub crew after receiving a dreadful premonition from a Precursor Vault.
  • Grubs call people who act strangely after messing with Precursor relics “precursed”
  • Purchased her starship, Ultraviolet, at a suspiciously cheap price.
  • She’s tall, thin and gangly. Grew up a spacer - low Gs and malnourished.
  • Dark mop of hair, sides shaved - like a messy mohawk.
  • Generally wears a large stained orange vacsuit - cinched tight at the waist with a tool-belt and a blaster holster. Grey mismatched gloves and grey metal magboots complete the look. Prominent nose on a thin face, brown / greyish skin with a smattering of white freckles across the bridge of her nose, and shrewd dark green eyes.
  • Grub tattoos on her right arm, marking some of the sectors she has worked, and the Grub hex nut symbol tattooed on her neck, peeking out of her vacsuit collar.
  • Her dark iron is a talisman of a an eight-pointed star in a ring, given to her by her mum


  • Scavenger
  • Explorer


  • Spacer kit
    • sealed environment suit
    • flashlight / headlamps
    • toolkit
    • medkit
    • communicator
  • Companion: Astrid the Utility Bot
  • Connections:

Starting Sector

Delphi Void

Raider clan emerges as a dominant threat under a new leader

Outlands - Union of the Shining Raiders

3 settlements

  • Planetside
  • population: few
  • Authority: Corrupt
  • Projects: Medical, Mining
Planet: Feldspar
  • Rocky world

Star: burning yellow star

  • Deep space
  • population: hundreds
  • Authority: oppresive
  • projects: subsistence, mining

    Zooming in…

  • built within repurposed ship
  • near a stellar anomaly emitting hazardous energies
  • mysterious deaths
  • Deep space
  • pop: thousands
  • authority: oppressive
  • projects: trade, expansion

2 passages

  • Lastport -> Lagrange
  • Lastport -> out of sector